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33: Ticket 2 | Traveling Finland in November for 9 Days

January 05, 2022 Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast
Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast
33: Ticket 2 | Traveling Finland in November for 9 Days
Show Notes

Do you have the Northern Lights on your travel bucket list? Have you ever considered visiting Finland in order to see them? Trizzy never even THOUGHT of putting Finland on her list, until a booking mishap forced her to look into it. The original plan was to book an igloo in Alaska.

None of Trizzy's circle of friends has even been to the country, so it was thrilling to plan 9 nights/10 days chasing the Northern Lights, in a country she knows nothing about.

Our first episode of 2022 is all about how to plan a trip to Finland if you are mid-budget and have less than 2 weeks, but still want to pack in as many activities as possible! We promise you, Trizzy will have you searching for your next flight to Finland before the hour is up!

What's In This Episode?
Total Spending • General Travel Itinerary • Attempted Scientific Talk of the Aurora Borealis • Helsinki • Kiilopää Sauna Experience • Finnish Culture • Suomenlinna Fortress • Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä, Lapland • Urho Kekkosen/Kekkonen National Park • Aurora Day Hut, Saariselkä, Lapland • Best Time to Catch Northern Lights • Cashless Economy • COVID Testing In Finland for US Entry

• Trizzy's Helsinki Hotel - Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre
• Trizzy's Lapland Hotel - Northern Light Village, Saariselkä 

Latest U.S. Entry Travel Requirements 
Finnair's Covid Test Appointment Information

Some photos and footage provided by @YourBasicTraveler
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