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59: Ticket 2 | Everything You Need To Know To Travel To Bali

February 08, 2023
Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast
59: Ticket 2 | Everything You Need To Know To Travel To Bali
Show Notes

Haven't been to Bali yet?  We're surprised Leah hadn't either, up until August 2022! This episode will give you a rundown of EVERYTHING you need and want to know about traveling to Bali - the land of the Gods. Indonesia is a special place for everyone: those who want to surf, yoga, eat healthy food, be out in nature, explore different religions, be outside, work remotely, and even families who want a retreat!

Leah (@LAInFlight) went as a solo traveler, but Bali is a place for anyone in any stage of life. She was actually amazed at how much she loved it because up until last year - she thought it was all hype! Tune in to find out about traveling Bali for yourself.

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