Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast

50: Ticket 2 | The Best Travel Tips & Advice from 50 Episodes

August 31, 2022
Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast
50: Ticket 2 | The Best Travel Tips & Advice from 50 Episodes
Show Notes

Top takeaways from 50 episodes of Ticket 2 Anywhere travel podcast are gathered in this episode right here for you, friends! Look no further, as these are pieces of advice, tips, or stories that sum up Trizzy and Leah as co-hosts and co-creators of this visual travel podcast. 

These are topics not to be missed: from insurance, to gear, to a remote lifestyle. Thank you all for reaching this milestone of 50 episodes with us! We cannot wait for the next 50...and the next 50...

Important timestamps:

  1. 2:38 - Revealing What Ticket 2 Anywhere Podcast is About
  2. 4:29 - Why You Should Have a Backup Plan, in Travel and in Life (ft. Debbie of The Offbeat Life)
  3. 9:00 - How to Spend 3 days in Southern California
  4. 15:08 - Travel Insurance & The Future of Remote (ft. Sondre Rasch of SafetyWing)
  5. 20:00 - Traveling as Your True Authentic Self (ft. Jeff Jenkins of Chubby Diaries)
  6. 25:00 - You Already Own the Best Piece of Travel Equipment

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